Saturday, November 22, 2008


This year for Halloween, we dressed up as Ricky and Lucy Ricardo from the best show ever, "I Love Lucy." I don't know how this happened, but apparently we only have one picture. . . and it wasn't even a very good one. Anyways, here's one of my favorite "I Love Lucy" videos: And here's our lone photo (sorry that it's sideways):


Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Wanna Love You Tender

I would like to share with you a passion that is near and dear to my heart: awesome dance moves. I found a video on YouTube that portrays pretty much every cool dance move, all together, in like three and a half minutes. It's pretty dang awsome. The song is called "I Wanna Love You Tender," or "Love You Tender." It is sung by Danny and Armi who were both finnish. Sometimes their lyrics don't quite make sense, ("Your lips are taste like wine"), but they're still cool and the dancers are still awesome. Here is the link to the coolest music video you will ever see: I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good intentions are like noisy children at a concert . . . And smart people are like . . . awkward.

Since we're doing similes (memories are like doves) I thought I'd throw in my favorite:

Good intentions are like noisy children at a concert; they should be carried out promptly.

It seems like I am the worst at carrying out good intentions. I intend to call one of my old friends, or I intend to get some work done around the house (I'm too busy at school most of the time). But they're not nearly prompt enough.

On a similar note I'd like to ask the opinions of the blessed people that read this. In my recent and ongoing battle with Physics 105 this semester, I have developed a theory. It is a theory that is also perhaps an excuse for my lack of intelligence in certain advanced areas. Yet it is a plausible theory. The theorem is this: How smart you are in the sciences is inversely proportional to how smart you are in the social scene . . . okay that's a joke. So in English, IF YOU'RE A SCIENCE WHIZ, YOU'RE AWKWARD. I say this because my Chemistry professors were weird guys. Good guys, but weird. I really thought highly of this one professor, and I spoke with him often (because my grade was suffering often). And when I see him around campus and say "Hi Dr. so and so," it's like I told him he had a booger hanging out of his nose with the "Oh, hi . . ." response. Bless his heart he just doesn't know how to deal with people. Phases of matter he's fine with, but talking to me is a tough deal. One might think that he just doesn't like me, but my other professor was the same way. Maybe they're smart too because chatting is a waste of time when you could be splitting atoms. It's weird too because the kids that ace the class are usually the strange kids too.

Oh well. It's just an interesting thing to me. I know that tough subjects can be mastered by anyone that applies themselves. Unfortunately, I'm too distracted and confused by these phenomena that I can't always focus. I'll get over it.

And to conclude, that's one of my good intentions. I intend to study physics for hours on end. Okay I'm being sarcastic there. I really do intend to study physics for 2 hours every day, but somehow my time is needed in other places at any given moment. So I hope I can do as Kristin's dad, Colin, says to do and write my textbook. Copy my notes from class into a notebook and translate the heavy readings from the course textbook. That way, I'll master the material.

I intend to ace all of my classes . . .

Friday, September 19, 2008

Buns In The Oven (Take Two)

You know how I said that people keep asking if I'm pregnant. Well if they asked now, they'd be right. Jaren and I have a little bun in the oven and we're very excited. I am due Friday, May 8th, so wish me luck! To keep track of my baby's development, check out this site: Currently, I am on week 4. If you want to know which week I'm on in the future, I'll probably know, so you can call or email me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Memories Are Like Doves

Ever since his mission, Jaren has been searching for Dove body wash in Calming Night. A couple weeks ago, he finally found it at Big Lots. I opened the lid and took in a whiff. I didn't recognize anything. However, when I used it later that day, an overwhelming feeling washed over me: I know I have smelled this scent often in my childhood, but I can't remember where or why ( I know mom wouldn't have bought the body wash since this was $3 for a smallish bottle). If any of you (my family, or anyone else I guess) could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. The only catch is that you have to buy and use the body wash to be able to properly smell it. Thanks!

P.S. I know the bottle says, "calming scent of sandalwood" on it, but I hate the scent of sandalwood, so it must be something else.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do You Smell Like Rainbows?

The other day, Jaren and I were discussing body odor. He said that sometimes when I get sweaty, I do stink. I replied,"No! I smell like rainbows!"

Sometimes in life, things come out of our mouths that we didn't mean to say. I know we all do this, so fess up, what are some dumb things that you have said? I'll give you some examples:

> While packing a man's groceries at Costco, my sister, Pook, exclaimed, "Here's your nuts and berries!"

>While again packing a man's groceries at Costco, Pook said, "I cushioned your eggs right here between your nuts!"

Jaren's mom happens to be the queen of saying things that don't make sense. Here are some of her classics:

>While talking on the phone to her daughter, Jennica, she inquired,"Are you wearing what you were wearing?"

>After her husband stated that a video was not where she had said it was, she replied, "Well if it was there, that's where it'd be."

>"Sometimes stores are open if they're 24 hours."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Adventures

Ahh life! In what other stages of life are there so few responsibilities that one can just "shoot from the hip" and leave on a whim? What freedom we have enjoyed meandering the nation on a mission to visit every possible family member within our limits! With support from said family Kristin and I (Jaren) have experienced the summer of a lifetime. Not without its difficulties of course. It has been a great challenge to be away so much because, let's face it, it's hard to get paid while your on the road (don't worry I'm working on that). So a big offering of gratitude goes out to my dad for letting me work for him and dealing with my Summer Adventures.

The Summer started out with a big trip to Montana to spend time with Jeremy, Jill, and their family; plus we needed Jer to fix our pearly whites. He was also nice enough to take me golfing with him quite a few times. I even got to play in his golf league before I left. We spent our next chunk of time in STG! St. George is my hometown, born and raised. It may be hotter than Haiti as far as summer goes, but it's home. I worked with dad a lot going to various Southern Utah cemeteries and pouring those glorious cement boxes that people are dying to get into. Kristin got started with Cutco selling the world's finest knives. Seriously, they're pretty cool knives. Kristin and I also got started with Primerica Financial Services. It will be nice to have a job schedule that works around my school schedule and not vice versa. It will have its challenges, but what field of work doesn't?

After another trip to Montana we got to see Alli and her kids: Sophia, Brooke, Janelle, and Claire. And when we got back from Missouri we found Shanna there with her kids: Jake, Keira, and Tommy (who thinks I'm as boring as dried paint). And of course Brandon, McKinley, Colton, Austin and baby Lacie were there. And here in Helena we have Maddy, Johnny, Ellie,and Andy. They're all so much fun and we'll miss them and hope to see them soon.

So here we are in Montana again after a refreshing trip to the Midwest. Colin and Marianne (Kristin's padres) live in Green Castle, Missouri. While there we went to the Nauvoo pageant which is about 2 hours Northeast of where they live. I also did some sweet largemouth bass fishing and caught about 20 over the space of 3 days; I had at least 3 times that many hit and miss. We also spent time with Meg and Steve watching "Batman Begins" and sugar overdosing with Italian sodas, Mmmmm. And we can't forget all the different kisses Michael gave us. But yeah, we're back on the road and back to settle in little Provo for what looks to be like a long time. We'll probably have some little ones sooner than later and our "Summer Adventures" will poop and slobber and make messes so we'll be at home. But you never know, I've made plans/predictions before and I've been wrong.

P.S. Forgive me because I'm sure to have spelled a name or something incorrectly.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mortal Existence

As you all have probably noticed, we haven't updated our blog in quite a while. One of my friends suggested that we update our blog "sometime again in [our] mortal existence." I think she was right and I apologize for not doing it sooner. This suggestion led me to think about other things that you should do sometime again in your mortal existence... and some things that you probably shouldn't.

Things to Do Again:

1. Ride a bike--when we were little, this was one of our favorite pastimes and now, it gives us needed exercise and saves gas money. And besides, when was the last time we bragged about being able to ride a two-wheeler?

2. Go to Disneyland--this is very exciting as a child, but I think it would be even better as an adult because you can go anywhere you want (your parents can't tell you no), and you will be able to remember it better. Plus, you're tall enough to go on all the rides.

3. Go to a candy store--it's better now because you can afford the cool candy and instead of just the Broch's butterscotch hard candies like before.

Things Not to Do Again:

1. Get married--a wedding is a beautiful thing, but I think keeping the same spouse is better than mixed nuts and pastel dinner mints.

2. Cut your own hair--why do we get haircuts? Because we want to look good which will in turn bring us popularity, and maybe even friendship or love. Well, I don't think anyone wants to be seen with the guy whose bangs look like a mountain range.

3. Tan an excessive amount--many women (and men) are obsessed with beauty, and dark, tan skin is a facet of that beauty. Many girls in my high school tanned during the winter and especially for Prom. One girl I knew tanned so much that I started calling her LaFred because she was darker than the one black kid at my school. Also, it can't be that great for you. Just look at this lady:

Friday, April 11, 2008


Here is a picture from when we were in A Christmas Carol.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Summer Lovin'

As many of you know, Jaren and I have been planning to go to St. George for the summer to be tutor-counselors for Upward Bound. However, our plans have recently changed. Jeremy offered me a job for the summer as his office manager and Jaren and I have decided to take it! So, we will now be traveling up to Montana at the end of April and stay there pretty much the whole summer. We're really excited about it and are looking forward to spending time with family. Also, I think everyone should try and plan a trip to Montana because Jer, Pook and I will be there and Alli's planning to get some dental work done as well. Mom is also coming out for the baby, I think, so all we have to get now is Steve and Shan and it will just be a great big party! Anyways, I just wanted to let all of you know our plans and wish everyone the best summer ever. You rock, don't ever change.

xoxo, kristin and jaren

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Buns in the Oven

On Sunday after conference, we went up to Salt Lake to see some people from Jaren's mission that had come for conference. The two ladies spoke Spanish, but I'm almost positive that one asked me when I am due (due for a day at the gym I suppose). That was a somewhat confidence-shattering experience, but I'll be ok. I promise more posts soon with pictures and everything, but I just have to wait until the end of the week probably when I have more time. Have a good day, everyone!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Type fast

See how many words you can type per minute. I stink so don't make fun of me.

Friday, March 7, 2008

I don't want to work, I just wanna bang on the drum all day

Thank you Todd Rundgren for your fine song describing how we feel about work.

Well, Kristin and I work instead of playing the drums. It brings in a little bit more money and it seems like we're helping more people. We've been working at BYU Campus Mail now since the beginning of the year since our return from the holiday season. Kristin works as a sorter and I am a driver. So basically I go out with the other driver guys and deliver the mail to the buildings, and then Kristin and the sorter girls come by and sort it into each person's box. We enjoy for the most part. The toughest thing for us having to wake up and be to work by 7:00 a.m. Some mornings our little bodies just aren't ready to be up yet. But we go and the bills get paid somehow.

Alli recently wrote in her blog about how crazy life with kids can be. Plus I am just aware in general how crazy it can be with lots of little destruction specialists running around the house. So my point is that I've been trying to look at life with some perspective. It helps to look at life being happy with where we are right now. If we're always looking forward to some big dream or being like Uncle Rico and living in 1982 then we're missing the joy of the here and now. It can be a good thing to look forward to big events or goals that we have, but if life goes like this then we're in trouble:

Boy when I'm a deacon life will sure be great. Man when I get my driver's license I'll be unstoppable, I'll be able to do whatever I want (yeah right). High school is too dramatic, as soon as I go on a mission life will be great. When I get off my mission I'll be able to date and go to movies and hang out, etc. Man I wish I were a missionary again. When I'm married life will be care free; my wife will cook and clean without any help and I'll be able to relax. Kids will be nice. They are so cute. I can't wait until the kids move away so that we can have some alone time. I wish the kids would come back and visit.

Just a thought I'm almost positive we've all heard at least five times in Sunday school. So, sorry if it's too repetitive. I guess I'm just jotting down some thoughts in the few spare minutes we have here at work (I should be doing some homework, but it can wait right?) before we have to clock out. So let this be the lesson: Live life to the fullest! Enjoy the here and now by having a grander perspective and looking on the bright side. It can be tough, but it's worth a try.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Yo quiería ver si habría algunos comentos en este documento si pongo un relato en español.

Un hombre de sueños, ideales, y ambiciones es el hombre que se llama Simón Bolívar. Este hombre fue "el gran libertador" en Venezuela cuando luchaban por la libertad. También este hombre sufrió dolores cuando su esposa murió, dejándole triste y solo.

Si quieres aprender algo más de Simón Bolívar, puedes buscar en wikipedia o en una biblioteca cercana. Link:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Let's Get Physical!

I love the show What Not to Wear on TLC. I asked Jaren if he would nominate me and my friend Ashlie to be on it. He said no. Then I got an idea. Jaren has been wanting me to exercise with him, so we made a deal: if I lose a bunch of weight and none of my clothes fit me any more, he will nominate me for What Not to Wear!
Lately I've noticed that I've put on a few pounds (I only have one pair of pants that fit and all my shirts make me look like I'm pregnant...someone actually asked the other day). Jaren suggested again that we go running. Well, for anyone who doesn't know, I don't run. So, he suggested riding the bike while he ran. That would be fine except that he runs at 5:30 in the morning with his mission friends and I, a. don't want to wake up that early, and b. don't want to be the retard on the bike. I have this fear that originated in middle school, of exercising in front of boys. I realized that I'm even afraid to do it in front of Jaren. My solutions was to call my friend Ashlie, who I feel I don't get enough time with and who also wants to lose some poundage. We set up a time to exercise three times a week and I bought an old VHS tape that has a lady with an extremely high cut leotard on the front (the title is something like "Get the Guts to Flex Your Butt on Camera" or at least that's what it should be). Anyway, our first workout is today and I'm excited. Any tips on better videos? ( I also have a winsor pilates tape, but last time I used that, I lost what little butt I had and had to sit around for a month just to get it back).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Just in case Colin reads the post entitled "The Weekend" (which might ignite a spark of anger in him to begin with) and soon after discovers that apparently I have been skipping classes, I would like all to know that I do no such thing . . . not exactly.
I am taking Chemistry 105 and I never ditch that class, unless it's for a very good reason like being in St. George. And seriously, it was 70º most of the time. Wonderful. On top of the Chem 105 class I'm auditing Chem 106 so I can get a look at what I'm getting myself into next semester. To audit means that you just go to class and do basically whatever the heck you want because you don't get a grade. So I'm not really sure what the purpose is. I just wanted to see what kind of curve-balls they would be throwing at me. So yes, it's true, the Chem 106 class that I'm auditing does get neglected and I don't feel pressured to go, so I sometimes skip out. There are just higher priorities! I'd put Kristin above Chemistry any day:) Now that's a compliment!

The Weekend

I know dad will probably get mad that I used the term "the weekend," but I decided it was appropriate because ours lasted from saturday to wednesday morning. You see, we had monday off thanks to President's day and tuesday was monday's classes. Since I only have one class on monday and Jaren only has classes that he regularly skips, we decided to stretch out the weekend. So, we went down to St. George to visit Jaren's family. I had a paper that was due on friday, but there was no way I could get it done before class, so I decided to finish it on Saturday and send it to the teacher that day. When I got to St. George, I discovered that Jaren's parents don't have Word, so I ended up having to wait until tuesday when the public library opened. The policy on late work for this class is 10% off every day it's late. I was screwed. I finished it tuesday (actually rewriting it and forming a completely new thesis) and emailed it to my teacher and then today, wednesday, I took a hard copy to her and explained my plight as to why it was so incredibly late. She ended up only taking of 10% (which is what she would have taken off if I had handed it in to her on friday after class, since after class is late). I was SO relieved. However, she did tell me that my paper had to be really good. I'm glad I didn't stick to the first one about how I didn't watch TV for an entire month (except Home Improvement because that was family time) just to earn a box of Berry Berry Kix which dad promptly ate claiming he was "saving" me. Anyways, back to our weekend. Jaren did 4 burials and I watched 5 movies. We also honed our skills on the song "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson on Guitar Hero III playing it at least 12 times in a row around midnight last night. It was a great weekend.

P.S. Jaren's mom had a little bit of an old bag of Berry Berry Kix in the pantry which I finished up tuesday morning for breakfast. It was stale and wasn't nearly as good as Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries, but I felt I needed to have that bowl I missed out on in my childhood.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just to let everyone know, we would really appreciate it if you left your name in your comment if you leave one so we know who's looking at our blog, and stuff. Thanks!

Kristin is pretty

She's strikingly beautiful and she's got smarts on top of that! Well who could ask for a better wife? And seriously, Kristin is really really pretty in this Nauvoo picture.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our House

Hello, my name is Jaren and I would like to introduce you to our house, which is more like a home, which is a humble basement apartment.  I just barely hit my head on the door frame again so I felt (really felt) inspired (and pained) to introduce you to OUR HOUSE, in the middle of our street.
We've lived here since September 1st.  We moved in right before school started and right after we got married.  It's really quite nice, the only problem is whoever built it wasn't thinking about future generations and taller people that would need more head room to walk through a door frame. Bless their hearts.  So I guess that's about it.  I feel much better now and I think I'll take off my shoes to give me a little bit more room vertically.  It's about all I can do.


I just realized that, apparently, I begin all of my posts with "So,..." That's all.

Last Names and Formatting

So, I just finished meticulously (although randomly) choosing the colors for the various aspects of the blog and while I was doing this, I discovered that I can also alter the size of the text in one part of the blog without affecting the other parts (hence the gi-normous title "The Hafens"). It's interesting how the bigger a word gets, the weirder it looks, or the more times you see it in a row, the weirder it looks. For instance, have you ever written your name in Word and then previewed it in all the fonts in the formatting window? I have, and by around "haettenschweiler" you're starting to question the accuracy of your knowledge of how your name is spelled. And so it is with giant blog titles. I was seriously sounding out the name just to make sure it was right.

Our blog

So, I finally decided to start a blog because we have so much to tell everyone and pictures to show, plus, I have a lot of free time at work so, hopefully, I can keep it updated regularly. I really hope I can figure out how to link stuff and do all that cool stuff. Maybe I'll ask for Alli's help. Anyway, here's our first post!