Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kristin's Got A Brand New Hair Do (it rhymes if you say it right)

On Feb. 18th, I decided to get my hair chopped off. So, I went to the Paul Mitchell hair school, found a picture in one of their books that I liked, and had them cut my hair. I had previously decided that I wanted an A-line bob short enough that I could give my hair to Locks of Love. You know when they put your hair in the ponytail and then cut it off for Locks of Love? Well, I was actually pretty disappointed when this part came because  it was very unceremonious. I always expected to have this big hoopla like they do on TV shows when someone gives their hair to charity, but in reality, they just cut off the hair and put it in a box. I didn't even get to hold it. Oh well, I still feel good about giving it to charity.

Back to the hair style. I wanted it to look like a mixture of these two:

So here are the before and afters.



On a side note, one of the symptoms of Graves Disease is protruding of the eyes and a "prominent stare" of the eyes. The picture above this one really shows it. Here's an old picture of me before I was pregnant to compare:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forsaken Blog

Why has our blog been forsaken?

To answer this question we must first answer another question: Why is Kristin so sick?

This is indeed a mystery. Some might try to place blame upon the innocent, bystanding husband. This may be true in part, but the truth's true truth would point to the dubious thyroid. Once lurking in the shadows waiting for its moment to arrive until now, when it can be a hyperthyroid and cause all kinds of discomfort.

Kristin has been, as of late, the victim of this terrible nausea. She can't even stand the thought of making her own food most of the time. So how can she stand the thought of blogging? Perhaps this post will invite a retort of a sort, and we shall see what saith the poor wayfairing woman.

Now let's make it clear that I'm just having fun with this. It's mostly to update y'all on our situation and give an excuse for our non-blogging. Kristin has been trying to manage her sickness. I've been working and going to school. And that just about takes up all the time we've got. We are fortunate enough to have support from all angles. Colin and Marianne stayed with us for a week or two and REALLY helped out a lot. Seriously. Our house is quite the spectacle anymore; organization is its new middle name. So that was great and we know we have family to turn to and our ward is very supportive (though there are at least a dozen other sisters in the ward that are preggers).

One more question before we close. How come Pook gets to be so healthy and strong when she's pregnant, but Kristin and the other sisters AND mom got the short end of the stick (each end varying in shortness)? Is it just the luck of the draw? Who knows. My hope is that this will at least calm itself with the subsequent pregnancies. Otherwise we're going to have to make friends with the adoption agency.

So that's our life. Chemistry and Physics for me, Zofran and PTU for Kristin. One stage of life I hope we can look back on without nausea.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bear Creek Dehydrated Potato Soup

Just before our first date, Jaren had some Bear Creek dehydrated potato soup for dinner. Later on in the night, we were sitting next to each other on the couch watching a movie (Nacho Libre). He had nasty burps the whole night, and apparently had the toots too, but kept them in so I wouldn't be grossed out. Ever since, we have been wary of Bear Creek.