Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why We Have November

1. Day-after-Halloween candy scores
2. Thanksgiving
3. Day-after-Thanksgiving everything scores
4. The release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part I

Posting Goals and Big News

Okay, posting has been ridiculous for us, so I'm making a new goal to post at least once a month. We'll see. We don't have internet at our house because we live in Missouri. J/k. We don't have internet at our house because we live in rural Missouri (which is a very hard word to say and still sound educated), and we're too poor to pay $70+ a month for butt-licking dial up speed. So, in order to accomplish my goal, I will have to come to G&G Sorhus' house once a month or head to Kirksville (or, as we country folk refer to it, "town") with our lap-top where they have a fancy-dancy McDonald's with wi-fi access. Hold me to it.

Alright, now for the big news half.
1. Jaren has been accepted to Truman State University where he can finish his undergrad and hopefully get good grades and experience for Medical school.
2. Lochlan is a super cute kid
3. I think I figured out how to teach Lochlan to stop hitting. Here's my strategy. I have a theory about parenting and natural consequences. Mainly, parent with natural consequences, not "parent" consequences (i.e. grounding, curfews, etc.) Because if parents are the consequence, then as soon as parents are gone (kid moves out or turns 18) there are no consequences. That's one reason young adults make so many mistakes, I think. So, if you parent with natural consequences, kids understand that choices always come with a consequence. So, with this in mind, I was trying to figure out what we could do to stop Lochlan from hitting. We had tried finger-flicking, and it just really wasn't working. But getting your fingers flicked when you hit someone in the face isn't really a natural follow-up. Then I thought, why isn't ok to hit someone? Well, because it hurts them right? Bingo! So what do we do now when he hits? Milk it. We sob and screw up our faces, and really let him know that it hurts. Then he feels bad and rubs your face softly, and snuggles you, and one time, he felt so bad he started to cry. Anyway, it seems to be working.
4. I'm pregnant. This one seems to be going a bit better than the last, or at least not escalating as quickly. We are due May 20. I think it's gonna be a girl. We'll see!