Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Summer Lovin'

As many of you know, Jaren and I have been planning to go to St. George for the summer to be tutor-counselors for Upward Bound. However, our plans have recently changed. Jeremy offered me a job for the summer as his office manager and Jaren and I have decided to take it! So, we will now be traveling up to Montana at the end of April and stay there pretty much the whole summer. We're really excited about it and are looking forward to spending time with family. Also, I think everyone should try and plan a trip to Montana because Jer, Pook and I will be there and Alli's planning to get some dental work done as well. Mom is also coming out for the baby, I think, so all we have to get now is Steve and Shan and it will just be a great big party! Anyways, I just wanted to let all of you know our plans and wish everyone the best summer ever. You rock, don't ever change.

xoxo, kristin and jaren


Alli said...

The last sentence made me smile - sounds like a yearbook signing :) Are you going to be staying with Jer and Jill? I want to go when mom's there, but want to wait till it's good timing for Jill with her new baby, plus I don't know if we'll be doing a family thing or just me...well, either way, I hope to see you this summer. Stay Cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that is sooo exciting!! It'll be great to see you guys this summer. Ellie, I'm sure, we'll be especially thrilled to see Jaren again ;) Of course he's a pretty big hit with everybody at my house. We'll try to make it up as often as possible without driving Jill too crazy.

It is a time when we should all be grateful for the blessings that we have. It brings to mind a quote - "Never leave child unattended"
Have a great day!!