Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do You Smell Like Rainbows?

The other day, Jaren and I were discussing body odor. He said that sometimes when I get sweaty, I do stink. I replied,"No! I smell like rainbows!"

Sometimes in life, things come out of our mouths that we didn't mean to say. I know we all do this, so fess up, what are some dumb things that you have said? I'll give you some examples:

> While packing a man's groceries at Costco, my sister, Pook, exclaimed, "Here's your nuts and berries!"

>While again packing a man's groceries at Costco, Pook said, "I cushioned your eggs right here between your nuts!"

Jaren's mom happens to be the queen of saying things that don't make sense. Here are some of her classics:

>While talking on the phone to her daughter, Jennica, she inquired,"Are you wearing what you were wearing?"

>After her husband stated that a video was not where she had said it was, she replied, "Well if it was there, that's where it'd be."

>"Sometimes stores are open if they're 24 hours."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Adventures

Ahh life! In what other stages of life are there so few responsibilities that one can just "shoot from the hip" and leave on a whim? What freedom we have enjoyed meandering the nation on a mission to visit every possible family member within our limits! With support from said family Kristin and I (Jaren) have experienced the summer of a lifetime. Not without its difficulties of course. It has been a great challenge to be away so much because, let's face it, it's hard to get paid while your on the road (don't worry I'm working on that). So a big offering of gratitude goes out to my dad for letting me work for him and dealing with my Summer Adventures.

The Summer started out with a big trip to Montana to spend time with Jeremy, Jill, and their family; plus we needed Jer to fix our pearly whites. He was also nice enough to take me golfing with him quite a few times. I even got to play in his golf league before I left. We spent our next chunk of time in STG! St. George is my hometown, born and raised. It may be hotter than Haiti as far as summer goes, but it's home. I worked with dad a lot going to various Southern Utah cemeteries and pouring those glorious cement boxes that people are dying to get into. Kristin got started with Cutco selling the world's finest knives. Seriously, they're pretty cool knives. Kristin and I also got started with Primerica Financial Services. It will be nice to have a job schedule that works around my school schedule and not vice versa. It will have its challenges, but what field of work doesn't?

After another trip to Montana we got to see Alli and her kids: Sophia, Brooke, Janelle, and Claire. And when we got back from Missouri we found Shanna there with her kids: Jake, Keira, and Tommy (who thinks I'm as boring as dried paint). And of course Brandon, McKinley, Colton, Austin and baby Lacie were there. And here in Helena we have Maddy, Johnny, Ellie,and Andy. They're all so much fun and we'll miss them and hope to see them soon.

So here we are in Montana again after a refreshing trip to the Midwest. Colin and Marianne (Kristin's padres) live in Green Castle, Missouri. While there we went to the Nauvoo pageant which is about 2 hours Northeast of where they live. I also did some sweet largemouth bass fishing and caught about 20 over the space of 3 days; I had at least 3 times that many hit and miss. We also spent time with Meg and Steve watching "Batman Begins" and sugar overdosing with Italian sodas, Mmmmm. And we can't forget all the different kisses Michael gave us. But yeah, we're back on the road and back to settle in little Provo for what looks to be like a long time. We'll probably have some little ones sooner than later and our "Summer Adventures" will poop and slobber and make messes so we'll be at home. But you never know, I've made plans/predictions before and I've been wrong.

P.S. Forgive me because I'm sure to have spelled a name or something incorrectly.