Saturday, July 18, 2009


Here we are. One week and two days away from Kristin and baby's big day. At least, she's due in a week and two days. It would surprise me greatly if baby were to come on the day he's due. Being on time just isn't our family style. It's not up to us, though. If he doesn't come on July 27th like he's supposed to, the doctor says he wants to induce a week later. August 3rd is our last possible day for not being parents. All in all, we hope that Kristin will start labor without having to be induced since it can be hard on the body and possibly bring along some complications. So if he's not here by next week, we'll be pulling out all the stops: jumping jacks, eating spaghetti while standing on your head, jogging, scuba diving, etc. I honestly don't know very many, but we'll discover some if we have to.

Mom came! Woot! Woot! She came all the way from Missouri to be with us and help us adjust to this crazy new thing known as having a baby. I think it will be so great for Kristin to have the support of her mother. This is a big deal. It will be a great lift to have with us the wisdom of someone who has done this many times before. I know I'm useless here, but Kristin really wants me there for some reason; so I'm glad since I'd kind of like to see him come, too.

We're grateful to Dad for letting us steal Mom from him for a while. You know it can't be fun to have to cook for yourself when options are pathetically limited. For me the options are: 1) sandwich, 2) macaroni and cheese, or 3) some sort of canned soup. I can heat stuff up, or throw some simple ingredients together, it's the combining of several ingredients over several steps that is just asking for trouble. I'm not sure what the options are for Colin, but I imagine they are similarly small. So thank you Dad, for your great sacrifice. My advice: hit up the Lion's Club dinners :)

Sadly, we aren't taking very good care of mom. She's only been here three days and she's already got an injury. We had a ward softball game this morning, but we didn't have quite enough people show so we had to forfeit. There was another team that forfeited so we went and played with them for fun. We asked Mom if she wanted to take some swings, so she did. She was swinging okay until she took a swing at a really bad pitch and sort of tripped/ stumbled forward. Sprained right ankle, darn it. What a bummer. So she's keeping off of it and hopefully she'll be better in no time.

Also, Jill came down with some of the kids to visit us and it was loads of fun. I posted a picture of me and Lacie with one of her favorite dinners, the banana. Jill brought McKinley and her friend Saydie down for BYU Cheer Camp and they stayed with us a little bit. We had a lot of fun together and it's just too bad we're all so far apart.

Life's good. Full time working for me and full time getting ready for baby for all of us. He's a welcome little miracle that will fill our lives with so much joy (and other stuff not so joyous, but that's not as fun to talk about).

Yay for mommies!


Hill Family said...

I'm so jealous that you get Mom. She is great to have at the new mom stage. I hope her ankle starts to feel better soon. That stinks. I hope Kristin is feeling okay too. Even if you don't get induced, just remember that each day is one day closer to the end. That was the only way I made it through some days. On a side note, John shaved part of his beard today, so he looks like a cross between Mr. Darcy and Joe Dirt. YUCK!

Ambrosia said...

Baby will make his arrival when you least expect it...which seems to be the best time, even if you have thoughts otherwise. If you want some natural induction ideas let me know, I have a few. That is how Emily came! Of course, no induction is the best way! Good luck!
PS Ben and I are so glad to see Kristin looking healthily pregnant!

Alli said...

Well we ALMOST got to see a pregnant pic of Kristin there!

Jill and Jer Sorhus said...

You guys were the perfect hosts! Thank you for everything! We can"t wait to see the baby! You should post a picture of Kristin and her belly because she is so stinking cute!Get better soon mom!