Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Last Voyage

When the end of finals finally arrived we wanted outta here! Tuesday afternoon I darted home and we hustled to get our things together and finish those chores that must be done before a trip. You know the sort: dishes, garbage, etc. And by 2:30pm we were on our way. It was a feeling of relief to leave behind the cares of school and final examinations. *Sigh. The beginning of a long needed break.

The weather was agreeable all the way to Helena and we stayed with Pook and John. It was on our way to Great Falls from Helena midday Thursday that it precipitated a bit and the H20, in whatever form it was in or changing to, stuck to our truck in a very curious manner. So we took some pictures of it. Also somewhat curious and sad is that we didn’t take pictures of anything else. Dang it!

In Helena on Wednesday we watched the kids. It was fun, though very much a “growing experience” to go from zero to four kids in just one day! We played Tracball, Frisbee, and ran around on the playground at the park. We visited Pook at Costco since she was working at the pumps for a while. Back home we proceeded to accomplish the impossible: wash the van with the kids’ help. It was cute to see them going at it at first. I rushed to get a camera for the cuteness occasion, but by the time Kristin got there the attention span had expired and there wasn’t much going on. Maybe Maddy got a quick snapshot, but we were unsuccessful. So pretty much I finished washing the van myself. It’s nice to get that feeling of accomplishment by doing something effective, constructive, or manly even while vacationing. I don’t always get that chance in school since I try so hard and my chemistry test always concludes that I’m just not good enough.

Thursday and Friday we spent some time with Jeremy, Jill, and family. More manly things ensued with lifting heavy things, moving furniture and miscellaneous objects, and burning some unwanted junk. All with a great feeling of triumph and achievement.

We sure do love visiting family. John & Erin and Jeremy &Jill have been so kind and so welcoming. Our trip this time just wasn’t long enough, but we tried to make the most of it. Unfortunately our “wild child” days of picking up and going, may soon be over. The foreseeable future seems to hold no trips for us. The baby boy we’re expecting in July (who I’m thinking will come in August if he’s truly to be a member of this family since we’re always late J) may well act as a tie down. Perhaps we’ll never be able to leave Provo again. No!!! Okay so maybe I’m going over the top. It will be exciting and new in its own way while being a great challenge in our life. Yet we can’t help but think of the joy that will come of it! The first grand baby for my parents. Numero nineteen para los abuelos Sorhus. A cute little chunker of our own to smile and giggle and snuggle with. I mean . . . to be manly and chop wood and pour cement with. AND he’ll be half me and half Kristin! Yay for baby!!!

So we’ve got some growing up to do as we approach the end of the days we knew as “free.” We lived it up. Now that party is over, and a new and more responsible party begins.


Ambrosia said...

You get even more exciting parties!! For real, though, Ben and I could not think of a better gift than our little Emily. We may not get out as much as before, but we feel it is a small price to pay to build up the Kingdom. Besides, if you begin and end early---you can begin the new adventurous life with the kids all grown up at a young age.

Alli said...

I cannot wait! I'm so excited for you guys. It's like re-living my first little one vicariously through Kristin. Enjoy the rest of your unhindered lives - it's a wild ride coming up!

Grandma S said...

So far the comments are about the upcoming baby, which of course, I'm excited about too!! (Or else I would have to hang my head in shame as an unexcited grandma, which of course I'm not.) But, hey, those pictures were way cool--especially the white "poinsettia-looking-thing" on your hubcap--AWESOME!!