Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In this family, we have a lot of Margarets. My grandmother's name was Margaret, my sister's middle name is Margaret, I have a couple nieces with the middle name Margaret, and my brother married a wonderful girl named Margaret. 

I remember my grandmother remarking one time that she didn't particularly like her name, but her friends called her Peggy and she thought that was ok (she really hated her middle name which was Viola). I have wondered since that time how people got "Peggy" from "Margaret." They don't sound at all alike, and there isn't even a "P" in "Margaret." I recently found a little poem by an anonymous author that explains:

In search from A to Z they passed, 
And "Marguerita" chose at last; 
But thought it sounded far more sweet 
To call the baby "Marguerite." 
When grandma saw the little pet, 
She called her "darling Margaret." 
Next uncle Jack and cousin Aggie 
Sent cup and spoon to "little Maggie." 
And grandpapa the right must beg 
To call the lassie "bonnie Meg." 
From "Marguerita" down to "Meg," 
And now she's simply "little Peg."

Some more of the interesting nicknames for "Margaret" are Margot, Marguerite, Marguerita, Rita, Greta, Gretel, Gretchen, Marjorie, Margie, Maggie, May, Madge, Maisy, Daisy, Maidie, Meg, Mog, Poggy, and of course Peg and Peggy (how did they come up with all these nicknames from just one name?).


Ashlie said...

Why didn't you tell me you guys were having a boy?!

Ashlie said...

I forgot to congratulate you. So, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you two!

Kristin said...

we just found out...sorry.

Jill and Jer Sorhus said...

Yes, but it leaves so many more options if you want to name your baby after someone with the name margaret! By the way I vote for Talmage

DeGooyer Family said...

So did you decide on Margaret?