Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Talmage's Morning

I woke up this morning, ate, and then went back to sleep. Then, big brother came in yelling, "Baby!" Rude. So, I got up and ate. Then I watched Happy Gilmore with Daddy. I like him. Here's where it gets bad. I love my Mom, but sometimes she's just really mean, you know? I'm sitting there, sucking on my hands, when I decide I want my pacifier. Mom can't find it. She takes me into the bedroom and sets me on the bed while she looks for it. Instead of bringing me my paci, she finds my medicine (I have thrush) and gives me that instead. I HATE that stuff! She finally finds my paci and it calms me down a little when she comes at me with a big blue snot sucker and ATTACKS my nostrils. What was she thinking? I guess I can breathe better though, so to show her my appreciation, I cry louder. She snuggles me and I calm down a little and start to fall asleep. I am exhausted! After all, I've been awake for almost an hour. Then she tried to put me down. Really? She thinks she'll get away with that? Don't worry. I showed her. But, somewhere in my quest to set mom straight, I fell asleep. Oh well.


Alli said...

so cute - baby's perspective - love those little guys of yours!

Mom said...

It's good to see things from the other guy's perspective. Helps us understand each other better to know where they're coming from.